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The Process´╗┐


Want to buy a business? Here is what you need to do!

1. Browse through our listings to find businesses you are interested in, then...

2. Select “Register” on our home page located in the top right corner.  

2. Fill out the required information including the comment box.

3. Accept the terms and submit!

4. Once the registration is complete you will later receive a Non Disclosure Agreement from us via email. Complete the document and submit it back to us.

*Please include all parties engaging in the transaction on your disclosure and read it fully. This is a legal document and must be signed and returned to us*

Once this is all completed your broker will contact you with any additional questions they may have. Listings will be placed into your account you created on our website and you can view them at all times. These listings will include additional financial information including the address to the listings. For more detailed financials you may contact your broker.


Face to Face Meeting


After reviewing the Business Profile, financial data of the business and the business premises, if the prospective Buyer determines that the business presents a desirable opportunity, the prospective Buyer should be prepared to make a purchase offer. In some instances, it may be possible to arrange a face to face meeting between the prospective Buyer and the Seller. This may provide additional insights into the operation of the business not otherwise obvious from a review of written documentation.


Making An Offer    


After meeting the business owner and touring the business, the next step is to present an offer of purchase for the business. Making the offer is not, however, the final step. In fact, it should be viewed as the first of several steps, each of which bring the Buyer and Seller closer to completing the transaction. Since most sales involve privately held businesses, the Buyer is obligated to make an offer before actually reviewing the business' internal financial records. The Buyer should understand that the offer is always contingent upon the Seller demonstrating the accuracy of its representations to the prospective Buyer’s satisfaction. It is the prospective Buyer's duty and obligation to verify the accuracy of the Seller’s representations by retaining attorneys, accountants, business appraisers or other professionals. Any agreement between the prospective Buyer and Seller is “non-binding” until the prospective Buyer has exercised due diligence in verifying the accuracy of the Seller’s books and records and all contingencies have been removed.


The Offer

Terms, Conditions & Contingencies


An Offer To Purchase will consist of the following:


-Terms of the offer including price, down payment and financing (interest rate, loan period, etc.).

-Conditions including covenants not to compete, consulting agreements, training agreements, accounting and apportionment of work-in-progress, and assumption of liability.

-Contingencies such as approval of books and records, equipment, inventory, assignment of leases or loans and any other items incorporated into the terms of the agreement.

-The Financial statement of the prospective Buyer.

-The Credit Report of the prospective Buyer (paid for by the prospective Buyer).


Due Diligence


The prospective Buyer and its advisors, attorneys, accountants, business appraisers and other professionals will have a specified period of time to complete a thorough review of the Seller’s books and records, inspect the business premises and take other appropriate steps to verify the Seller’s representations and remove all contingencies (typically 5-10 days). The prospective Buyer and his/her advisors must utilize due diligence in completing their review of Seller’s business in a timely manner. When the due diligence process is completed and all contingencies are removed, the contract becomes binding. Should the business fail to pass due diligence review, the prospective Buyer may withdraw, modify or amend the Purchase Offer. The due diligence procedure is costly and time-consuming. It is only initiated after the respective Buyer and Seller have reached an agreement on price and terms.




The majority of business purchase transactions require some form of financing. We work with our Buyers to secure the appropriate financing. This may involve Seller financing, bank loan, Venture Capital financing, Angels financing (private investor), SBA financing and funds obtained through other financing sources. Regardless your financing requirements, we will provide guidance and assistance in locating the right lender.


Escrow & Closing


Your business purchase will be handled by an independent escrow company. Typically an escrow is opened with the deposit of the Buyer’s earnest money down payment, generally within three(3) to five(5) days after all contingencies have been removed or satisfied. The average escrow will close in one(1) to four(4) weeks if there are no recorded liens against the business. A Cashier’s check will be required for the amount due at closing of escrow.


Congratulations! You’re In Business


The escrow has closed and the big day has arrived. The former prospective Buyer is now the owner of the business. A new adventure is at hand. You are now in control of your own destiny.

When you work with us, we will guide you along the way and help make your transition to business owner stress free and simple. So, now is the time to go to our listings section and get started on your search for your part of the American dream. Unless you've bought or sold a business in the past, you'll find that buying a business can be a confusing and even trying experience. That's why it is important for the prospective buyer to be knowledgeable about the process involved in buying a business. Thoroughly understanding the process will assist even a veteran of business transfers in working with our company.


Getting Started: Questions And More Questions


Finding a business opportunity usually starts with researching local newspapers, placing telephone calls or visiting websites like the one we host. The prospective Buyer may be a Corporation, Private Investment Group or a sophisticated Private Investor who has a very definite idea of the type of business wanted. On the other hand, many first time buyers are still in the formative or exploratory stage of their search. Frequently that Buyer's first question is, "What kinds of businesses do you have?". Although we have many business listings, that question can only be answered properly when we have some idea of the prospective Buyer's resources, skills and needs. For example, if we just listed Ford Motor Company and the prospective Buyer has several billion dollars in available funds and a background in automobile manufacturing, that would be a match made in heaven. But that perfect match would never have occurred unless we ascertained pertinent information regarding the prospective Buyer's background, resources and objectives in advance. The first and most important step is for the Business Broker to learn about the prospective Buyer. When we ask, "How many days per week are you comfortable working?", “Are you planning to work alone or hire employees?" or "How much cash do you have for a down payment?", along with other questions, we are gathering the information necessary to match the prospective Buyer to an appropriate business opportunity. We are also narrowing the search and saving the prospective Buyer time and aggravation.


Defining The Business Opportunity Search


After the search has been refined to businesses which fit the prospective Buyer's criteria and requirements, we can communicate non confidential summaries of our business listings to the prospective Buyer in a number of ways. One way is for the prospective Buyer to view our web site and access the non-confidential summaries of our business listings by simply clicking on the listings button. This section will provide our business opportunities lists, a description of each business, financial details and the asking prices.


Focusing On The Right Business Opportunities


During the search, the prospective Buyer will receive multiple lists of interesting business opportunities. At this stage the business opportunity search moves to a new level involving the necessary disclosure of confidential information relevant to the purchase or sale of any business. The new level is one of mutual trust and obligation between the prospective Buyer, our company and the Seller(s) of the business(es) of interest.

When buying a business, confidentiality protects the prospective Buyer from having anyone such as an employer, employees, or the competition discover the proposed acquisition prematurely. It also protects the Seller against unnecessary problems with customers, employees, vendors, competitors, landlords, bankers, creditors, etc. As a result, all prospective Buyers are required to sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement before receiving sensitive confidential information.


The Business Profile: The Facts


An important element in the purchase process is the business profile. This report on the business offered for sale is written to provide information that the prospective Buyer can review and evaluate in determining the suitability and desirability of the business opportunity. A typical Business Profile contains a detailed description of the business, a summary of financial data and additional business facts such as lease information, number of employees, inventories, pending and operative contracts with vendors and customers and other pertinent information. Following a thorough review of the Business Profile and consultations with the Business Broker, the prospective Buyer will have a solid understanding of the business, its operations and potential for continued future success.

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