Terms Conditions

    • Business Broker Employment Agreement

             East Coast Stores LLC hereinafter referred to as “ECS” and / or “admin”


      Duties: The contractor (Broker) will perform the responsibilities of a “Business Broker”



      **Brokers must act professionally when dealing with buyers and seller, courteous,respectful and polite in manner. Brokers must exhibit clean, professional attire at all times when meeting customers.

      **Minimum of 1 Broker must show up for ALL walk thru’s (buyer-seller meeting) unless verbally permitted by ADMIN of ECS.

      **Brokers must reply to ALL customers within 24 (business) hours via email-text-telephone unless on vacation. If the buyer is given to the broker in the brokers account and the broker has no communication with that buyer and no NDA sent, ECS reserves the right to remove the buyer from the broker.

      **Brokers are not permitted to contact other brokers buyers or sellers unless verbal consent has been given from the broker who is legally engaged with such customer ( legally by virtue of an NDA ).

      **If a new listing lead is given to a broker and the lead hasn't turned into a listing within 7 calendar days: the admin of East Coast stores reserves the right to re-issue that lead to another broker.

      **If the broker terminates his employment or is terminated for any reason, all of the listings in that brokerage account become and remain property of ECS, the broker furthermore is prohibited to compete with that particular listing for a period of 24 months or any listing on our website.

      **All brokers must put up 2 listings monthly to maintain the eligibility of their current split. This does not include the listings given to the broker by the admin of ECS. If a broker fails to do such, the split reverts to the 25/25 or 5% less on both sides as per the brokers last increase.

      **ECS reserves the right to monitor all Company emails.

      **ECS reserves the right to contact any buyer or seller in any brokers account for verification at any given time.

      **All Ecs brokers will work only for ECS with respect to the sale of businesses.

      If Brokers have or have not a written agreement by any client who has represented to sell their business that is listed on East Coast stores, that particular broker is the listing broker in the event that any litigation arises out of that listing.

      **The listing broker that puts a listing on our website hereby agrees to these terms and conditions. during this active em for a period Of 24 calendar months from the day of such termination or resignation.

      **Any brokers caught communicating with other agents outside of ECS with regards to our listings on our website will be terminated immediately.

      **Brokers of prohibited to be employed by any other agency with regards to businesses while working for ECS

      **Brokers are prohibited to send NDA’s before the buyer is in his/her account.

      **All offers must be brought to the admin of east coast stores no later than 24 hours of receipt.

      **Any broker that resigns or is terminated, will only be paid on any deals that are in contract or signed LOI

      **Any broker soliciting outside agents to give or receive confidential listing information or working for another agency or for himself will be terminated.


      **This agreement will supersede all prior agreements signed by the broker and is in full effect until resignation or termination


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